'A strong will and a bright smile has the power to perform miracles'
‘A strong will and a bright smile has the power to perform miracles’

27-year-old researcher + writer

My name is Natalie-Anne Hall and I’ve created this blog to share facts, ideas and opinions about immigration, diversity, social cohesion and social inclusion. My background is in linguistics, specifically Japanese, which took me to Japan for 5 years. In the lovely city of Nagoya, I developed an interest in cross-cultural understanding, and wrote my MA dissertation on Japanese multicultural policy development. Since leaving Japan, I have worked as a translator and public servant in my home country of Australia, before relocating to Britain to study social research methods and begin my career of intrigue and expression.

If there ever was a such thing as a ‘homogeneous society’, it no longer exists in our globalised world. While immigration policy continues to be hotly debated in developed countries, the effects of global migration are already here and here to stay. Composed of those with different – sometimes directly opposing – cultural values and religious beliefs, how should each country build consensus on right and wrong and develop a cohesive national identity? How do discrimination and belonging affect inclusion, exclusion and socio-economic outcomes in society? If we want to answer these questions, we need to approach them with an open mind and sense of empathy. This blog hopes to stimulate discussion that might help do that…

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